function/code-block auto indentation

  • I use Notepad++ for coding AutoHotkey scripts and wouldn’t use any other editor. I also am picking up some PHP coding and find many useful things that Notepad++ seems to do for PHP that it does not for .ahk files. One such feature is when hitting ‘enter’ inside of a new code block, {}, it places the closing brace two lines down, my cursor one line down and indented by one tab. This does not occur when working in .ahk files. Is there any way to make this possible for .ahk files as well?


  • Notepad++ does not natively support AutoHotkey.

  • @kczx3

    as MAPJe71 already said, not natively but with a scripting language plugin
    like python script or lua it should be possible to write a script which will do the job.


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