Skipping Blank Lines?

  • I have 7253 lines. I need to have all the words in a paragraph on one line. I made a macro will move all words in a paragraph, but i need to skip the empty/blank lines that seperate paragraphs.

    1. “Doss,” said Mrs. Stirling, “what do you mean by taking off your hat? Put it on instantly!”
    2. Valancy put it on instantly. She was cold with fear lest Dr. Stalling should immediately summon her up front again.

    I need my macro to skip line 2 in the example above. Can this be done?

  • @Daily-Roe

    only if the pattern would be the same over the whole text otherwise
    you would need some regex or script to do the job. Or you find some similarity
    and, maybe, can use bookmarks !?


  • You may try the following RegEx for searching: (?<=\w)\R(?!\R). Replace with empty Text. This will remove any line break preceded by a word character and not followed by another line break. You may also try \S (non-space-characters) for \w.

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