[Plugin Update] Analyse Plugin

  • Dear All,

    I have updated the AnalysePlugin to version 1.10.-R32.

    Changes since 1.10

    • bugfix ensure stop of searching if max length of scintilla search window reached
    • bugfix ensure color pop up is fully visible on top left corner
    • bugfix white spaces got removed if 1st char in search pattern
    • ConfigDialog: avoid selected items to be added at top of combo boxes
    • bugfix ConfigDialog: re-enable vscrollbar in font name selection
    • ensure also autoSearch puts focus back to edit window
    • sync with NPP files to version 6.9.2
    • bugfix avoid synced scroll in case of scroll different file in main window
    • bugfix window position jumping if moving from findresults window
    • bugfix for default pattern from OptionsDlg into findDlg window
    • feature colorized find patterns in result window search function
    • bugifx create findDlg before updating it at startup
    • bugfix redo search when line number-display in changed
    • feature synced scrolling from both sides result <-> main
    • adding handling for errors in scintilla
    • bugfix avoid jumping cursor by replacing gotoline to ensure visible in main window
    • rename rgx_dotnewln to rgx_multiline
    • bugfix redraw after ColorPicker is closed
    • adding menu entry “Search now” to allow short cut setting for this function
    • adding feature of synced scrolling between result and search text
    • sync with NPP files version 6.8.8
    • splitting Scintilla -SearchView and -EditView for better takeover from NPP
    • ensure result and main window to go to next found line from current position
    • updating to Visual Studio 2013
      Changes since 1.10-preview
    • adding feature to separately handle visibility of result window at startup
    • bugfix color setting in config dialog
    • clean up mCmbColor
    • change context menu names to Prepend / Append
    • bugfix headline count with regard to line numbers visibility
    • adding feature save current pattern list and restore at startup
    • bugfix remove setting *.xml into wrong file
    • some preparations for tagged markup displaying
    • removal of old unnecessary HEADLINE sections
    • adding feature “add selection to patterns”
    • adding feature persistent last config files context menu
    • adding configuration to select count of entries in the pattern list context menu
    • adding dialog for clip board copy of context menu editing
    • adding rgx_multiline in the search type list (even if not functional in NPP)
    • changing combobox from add string to insert string to keep order always the same
    • adding clearSelection() in cmbbox to avoid inserting an empty line
    • add displaying of config and search file names in title bars of docking wnds
    • rename initial title of config docking wnd
    • align sources with Notepad++ v6.5.5
    • add displaying of config and search file names in title bars of docking wnds…
    • adding assert header as assert() is used
    • adding COMP name in debug macros
    • bugfix using _countof instead “/ 1”
    • adopting the documentation

  • What about the status of x64 support by this plugin? Could I support you in start porting it.
    See the last commit at https://github.com/jsleroy/compare-plugin/commits/master on the common steps necessary to prepare for x64.

  • @mattesh Did you see my question? I really like the plugin and wan’t to do some analysis on big log files, which just could be loaded by x64 version of n++.

  • Hi!

    is the source code of your plugin available somewhere? I’m from a company that wants to redistribute your plugin together with a noepad+±Installation, but to fulfill your license (GPL as far as I understand), we need to also redistribute the source-code with the plugin.

    JAN Krieger (Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG)

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