New Search in Search Results Does Not Work

  • Example:
    Searched Files for “acIdent”
    So far no problem.
    Then searched those results for “pcIdent”
    Got following results:

    1. Summary says 23 hits in 6 files (in reality should be 1 hit in 1 file)
    2. Six files in list, but only two are expandable to show text of hits
    3. Total of all hits after each file name matches summary; 23 (which is wrong)
    4. Under one of the expandable file names, one line of text is shown, which is not a valid hit
      (does not contain “acIdent”)
    5. Under the other expandable file names, two lines of text are shown, one of which is invalid as above
      (the other line of text is a valid hit with both “acIdent” and “pcIdent”
    6. Both of the invalid hit text lines contain a term from an earlier search, which should not be relevant,
      instead of “acIdent” (probably not coincidence)
      Too bad I can’t paste a screen shot here.

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