want to open multiple instances without double-opening the same file

  • I want to configure Notepad++ so that when I open a.txt and b.txt, they open in separate Notepad++ windows, not as multiple tabs in the same window. I have already selected the “Always in multi-instance mode” option for that.

    However, I also want to configure Notepad++ so that if I accidentally open a.txt twice, then on my second attempt to open it, it will shift focus to the already-open window on a.txt, rather than opening a new window on a.txt. The current behavior is to open a second window on a.txt. This is undesirable because it means I might open a.txt, make edits in the first window, then inadvertently open a.txt and make edits in the second window, and then when I try to save the changes they will clobber each other. (I realize when I save changes in the first window, and then switch to the second window, the second window will tell me that the file contents have changed. But if I refresh the second window, I will lose the edits I’ve made in the second window.)

    Is there any way to configure Notepad++ to do what I want – open each file in a separate window, but block me from inadvertently opening the same file twice?

    (I already know about forcing “vintage-Notepad-like” behavior by creating the asNotepad.xml file. But when I do that, it lets me open the same file twice, as indeed “vintage Notepad” does.)

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