Line Comment position

  • hi Community,
    Is there an option to place the line comments at the first column instead of placing before the first character.
    Eg: The below needs to be achieved.

    //                                          TEST This is expected comment

    The below is what is happening.

                                             //  TEST This is actual comment

    Any setting to achieve, placing the comment chars at the very beginning of the line?


  • Hello oirfeodent oirfeodent,

    I don’t think that there a native option to do so. But it’s very easy to get it, with a simple regex !

    For instance, if we consider the comment characters, used in languages C, C#, C++ ( and some others ! ) :

    • Open the Find/Replace dialog ( CTRL + H )

    • Check the Wrap around option

    • Select the Regular expression search mode

    • SEARCH = ^( +)(//|/\*|\*/)

    • REPLACE = \2\1

    • Click on the Replade All button

    Voilà !

    So, if we start this the C text, below :

             /* Here is
                  a way to move
                    the comments
                      at the very
                of a line
                      // Final test

    after the S/R, we get the C text, below :

    /*          Here is
                  a way to move
                    the comments
                      at the very
                of a line
    //                   Final test

    Notes :

    This regex is quite simple. Just note that :

    • The space characters and the comment character, enclosed in round brackets, are stored, respectively, at groups 1 and 2

    • In group 2, the star meta-character needs to be escaped, as \*, in order to be taken literally

    • In replacement, the two groups are, simply, swapped !


    If your text contains leading tabulations, instead of spaces, this regex will, unfortunately, modify the original indentation of the comment text. Just because the physical length of a tabulation character depends, of course, on its location, in a line

    To avoid this behaviour, if you don’t mind, you may, previously, change all the tabulation characters by space characters
    with the N++ option Edit - Blank operations - TAB to Space

    Best Regards,


  • I think the OP is referring to the Ctrl+Q and/or Ctrl+K line-(un-)comment shortcuts.

  • Hi guy038 & MAPJe71,

    Thx for your response. I was referring to line (un)comment shortcuts.
    If they are not available natively, can I submit a patch?

    The above pull request is added, is there any thing else required for submitting pull requests?
    I am new to this forum, let me know if I have missed something.


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