Not Saving line terminating charcaters

  • Latest version of Notepad++

    When I save a file and then load in say notepad, there are no end of line characters.

    I have tried saving as windows and Unix. End system will be Unix.

    I can’t find any setting to help me.



  • Notepad does not recognize any non-Windows Line Endings. If you have Unix-Style endings, Notepad will ignore them.

    What do you mean by “Saving as Windows/Unix”? In NPP you need to go to “Edit->EOL Conversions->Unix (LF)”, then save your file as usual. If you want it back to Windows, go to “Edit->EOL Conversions->Windows (CR/LF)” and save again.

    NPP will show the current Line Ending Format in the status bar. You may also activate “View->Show Symbol->Show end of line”.

  • I was talking about Settings->Preferences->New Documents->Format (Line Ending) an choosing either Windows or Unix.

    I have gone View->Show Symbol->Show End of Line and that changes from LF-CR/LF-LF when I choose Edit->EOL Conversion->Unix or Windows or back to Unix.

    if I look at the file in windows notepad after I save it in notepad++ it looks like a minified javascript or css file. if line wrap is off in notepad it shows as 1 big long line.

    In my case a PHP file that reads:


    and PHP spits a runtime error saying invalid for $error to be on line 1.

  • And another oddity, if I edit the file in notepad and then open in notepad++ I am getting double line spacing!

  • As I said before, Notepad does not recognize non-Windows Line Endings. It simply treats them as invisible characters. If you start editing in Notepad you will create a mix of Windows and Unix Line Endings. Since NPP recognizes ALL Line Endings, it displays both Unix and Windows Line Endings.

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