drag a folder with sub-folders and files

  • Previously, the program notepad ++ you can drag a folder with sub-folders and all files in those folders open in the program and you can edit the AutoCorrect all, Tepe and dragged through the open menu, only the selected text files. Prompt how to restore the old regime, or how else can massively avtozamenyat text files?

  • I did not find a solution, but a workaround:
    If you use Total Commander, you can navigate to the parent folder. There you can “find” all files that you want to change (alt-f7), then use “Feed to listbox”.
    Now you have a set of files without folders. These you can drag to notepad++.
    I’m sure there must be an easier way, though.

    But perhaps you only want to replace a certain string in all files of a sub folder. For this you can use “find in files” -> “replace in files“.

  • Whit NPP closed select the folder in Explorer than drag and drop it on the NPP shortcut (e.g. the one your Desktop), it should open all files in the “old way”

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