what does the "open session in a new instance of Notepad++" option mean?

  • Under Settings->Preferences->Multi-instance, the three options are:

    • “open session in a new instance of Notepad++”
    • “always in multi-instance mode”
    • “default (mono-instance)”

    I know what #2 and #3 mean (#2 means open each file in a separate Notepad++ window, #3 means open each file in its own tab but keep them all in one Notepad++ window), but what is picking #1 supposed to do?

    When I have that options selected, as far as I can tell Notepad++ behaves the same way as if you have #3 selected, the default. Only one instance of Notepad++ opens, and each file is in its own tab. If you close and reopen Notepad++, the same tabs will be open. After selecting this option, I closed all Notepad++ tabs before restarting Notepad++, but it still didn’t change anything.

    I can’t figure out from the wording what it’s supposed to do either. If it means that each file will be opened in a new instance of Notepad++ then how is that any different from #2?

    What is that option supposed to do? And is the behavior currently implemented correctly or is there a bug there?


  • When you open a session, it is opened in a new instance of Notepad++. A session can consist of one or more files. See also Load Session... and Save Session... in the File menu.

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