[Feature/Help Request] Add more items to function list for Windows batch files

  • Hi,
    currently the function list shows only labels (:name) for batch files. I additionally need these items:

    • call
    • start
    • goto

    My request is to have these items added to functionlist.xml.
    Can someone help my with the code to do so myself in the meantime?
    Thank you very much.

  • I strongly advise against showing more then just functions/sub-routines (i.e. labels in batch files) in the FunctionList tree but considering the following …

    CALL [drive:][path]filename [batch-parameters]
    CALL :label arguments
    START ["title"] [start-arguments] [command/program] [parameters]
    GOTO [:]label

    … what parts of the commands would you like to show up in the tree?

  • Hello bege10,

    To fully distinguish the different GOTO, CALL and START commands, of your batch file, I suppose that you need all the contents of the line, starting with these commands :-)

    If so, here is, below, a batch parser, which should work nice !!

    • Open your active functionList.xml file

    • Change the present batch_label id parser contents by the parser, below :

      <parser id=“batch_label” displayName=“BAT Label” commentExpr="^[\t ](::|REM).?$">
      mainExpr="^[\t ]*\K.+?$"
      <nameExpr expr="(call |goto |start |(?<=:)).+?$"/>

    Notes :

    • The commentExpr string is, either, the word REM or the symbol ::, preceded by possible leading space/tabulation characters and followed by any range, even null, or characters

    • Then, the mainExpr string, from which the different entities, to display in the FunctionList window, will be extracted, is any, non-null, range of characters, which follows possible leading space/tabulation characters ( and different from comment ranges ! )

    • Finally, the expr string is, either :

      • The word call, goto or start, followed by a space and any non null range of characters
      • Any non null range of characters, following a colon ( : )


    The functionList regex engine does NOT act as the Notepad++ one. By default, it considers that the dot meta-character ( . ) match, absolutely, any character ( standard or EOL ones )

    But, as the Notepad++ regex engine does, it considers that the ^ and $ assertions stand for the beginning and the end of any line

    So, when you want to match, from any location, all the remaining characters of a line, TWO syntaxes are possible :

    .+?$ which matches any non-null range of any character, ( standard or EOL ones ), till the nearest EOL location, due to the lazy quantifier +?


    (?-s).+ which matches any non-null range of standard characters only, due to the in-line modifier (?-s)

    Of course, if the range of characters may be a zero-length string, prefer the syntax .*?$ OR (?-s).*

    Best Regards,


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