"Foreground color" greyed out in "Selected text color?"

  • Hello.

    I wanna be able to change color of text permanently, but seems like this function is greyed out (it only allows me to change the background color which is irrelevant to me). I am new to this program and I’m using 64 bit Windows, so yeah, don’t know if that has much to say. Maybe there’s some function to enable but I’ve been unable to find the answer, which is why I’m writing this post. Any help would be appreciated.

  • @Thomas-Koch

    don’t know of I understand it correctly but do you use style configurator?
    If so, it should work. Maybe you wanna describe in detail (screenshots??) what
    you did?


  • Along with Claudia, I’m not sure what the OP is asking for, but maybe this post helps?:


  • Okay, so I just want the simplest of things; I wanna be able to color some text instead of all the text. I looked in the guide but it didn’t say anything about it. Is this really not possible? In the screenshot I attached the “Foreground colour” is greyed out, I can choose it in some of the other options (f.eks. Default Style) but then it colours all of the text, I just want it to colour selected text (otherwise, why would this program have an option called “Selected text colour” if this was not possible?) hope somebody has the answer. Thanks. link text

  • Selected text colour colours the background of the text that is selected during left-mouse-click + hold + drag.
    After a selection you can mark/colour the text by assigning a style token i.e. right-click on the selected text, select one of the Using ... Style entries in the Style Token > context sub-menu .

  • Thanks for the replies. But it only changes the background of the text, isn’t there a function to just color the text itself and not the background behind it?

  • @Thomas-Koch

    so let me try to summarize.
    You ALWAYS have random text and random words which you wanna color different, correct?
    If so, no, npp doesn’t have such functionality natively, because it is mainly an programmer editor
    and as such, it colors, depending on the language, always the same words.
    Plugins like Python Script, Lua Script, nppexec etc… can provide another way
    solving your issue but therefore we would need more DETAILS what exactly
    needs to be done.

    If you are looking for a way to always color the same words, then you can easily define
    a user defined language and put your words into one of the keyword field.
    Choose a color and set your newly defined language via the language menu.


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