Can't save anymore

  • I’ve recently gotten a new work laptop and moved all my stuff over from my old one. Since I had a lot of configuration in my Notepad++ setup, I copied over all the stuff in AppData\Roaming\Notepad++, as well as installed plugins.

    This seemed to have worked fairly well, with one notable exception: For some reason, I can’t save anymore. The save action is enabled, but pressing either Ctrl+S, or the save button, just does nothing. I can ‘save as’ and save the file under its old name, but that’s a bit annoying.

    Is there some sort of log where I could check for errors?

  • No there isn’t any log.
    You should try to do a fresh install because the previous configuration files may not be compatible with the new installed notepad++.
    You also may try to reset the C:\Users\wwwww\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\config.xml files or remove it. Notepad++ may create a clean one.

  • Thanks. I backed up my config.xml, let Notepad++ recreate it, and then did a diff between the two to merge in my changes. Now I got it working again :)

  • @donho
    Don, This is not the first time that someone have a broken config file.
    We should add on Notepad++ a xml validator. It would check the configuration, tell the user that there is a problem, reset the configuration (? not sure it’s a good Idea)

  • @cmeriaux No idea about the size of xml validator. I would say it’s more interesting to do a xml validator plugin and include it in the distribution by default.
    OTOH, I’m planing to make validate all xml files on Appveyor. If you’re interested in doing it, you could do a PR for it.

  • FYI: XML Tools Plugin includes an XML validator.

  • @donho good idea. Which one do you want to validate ?
    I sure PowerEditor/installer/nativeLang/languageXXX.xml
    PowerEditor/installer/themes/XXX.xml ???
    PowerEditor\src\config.model.xml ???

    I think I could write a python script that check the XML and its contents.
    Then AppVeyor will execute this script and show the validation result.
    Are you OK ?

  • @cmeriaux Sounds great. Please KISS (Keep it simple & stupid) :)

  • I like KISS !

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