Find In Files Takes Too Long

  • I am running a search in a folder with 10,000 .c files and it takes about 30-40 seconds to finish the search. I am running on a i7 computer, Windows 7 with the latest version of the Notepad++ (64-bit).

    I used to have Textpad and it would take about the same time at first but second time I am searching a keyword it would show me the results instantly. Some sort of caching maybe?

    Is Notepad++'s behavior expected? Is there a way to speed up things?

    Search Mode: Normal, . matches newline unchecked, In hidden folders unchecked, In all sub-folders unchecked,. Filters *.c, Match case unchecked, Match whole word only unchecked

    Thank you!

  • Anyone?

  • AFAIK Notepad++ doesn’t cache any previous searches and yes, the result seems expected.
    I don’t think there’s a way to speed things up.

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