Function List for Simatic

  • It did work!!
    Thank you!!
    Apperantly I modified the false file. Namely, %APPDATA%\notepad++\functionList.xml as in, and not as you mentioned above: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Notepad++\functionList.xml.
    Thanks MAPJe71, you really helped me a lot.
    My best regards!

  • Hi!
    I recently discovered a bug in the function list feature. (or something I overlooked)
    The function list works great. But when I open certain files, functions are not being listed. However, when I copy the content of my code to a new window, functions are listed just as normal.
    This does not happen with every file. With file names such as: SPF_DIR.arc and MPF_DIR.arc, it happens all the time. Are those file names not permitted in Notepad++?

  • AFAIK there’s no restriction on file names other than the standard Windows restrictions.
    Could you post the files and the Notepad++ Debug Info (you can find it in the ? menu) so I can try to reproduce the problem?

    In the shared folder, there is a file which I am trying to display the functions of it and the respective functionlist and the user defined language.
    Due to the copywrite agreements, I can not post the complete code that is why I trimmed the code to the function names. I tried to view the functions, it didnt work.
    Many thanks!

  • Due to the copyright agreements, I can not post the complete code …

    I understand and so far the trimmed down code helps, as it does not show any functions on my system either.
    I’ll have a look.

  • Thank you for correcting me. I probably typed it really quick. :)
    I can confirm that the regex file you provided, really did the trick and the function view normally works. It fails to show the functions whenever I try to open a new file
    Once again thank you so much for your help!

  • You’re welcome!

    1. Incomplete parser;
    2. Known bug with comment following function header.

    ad.1. Adapt parser to:

    <parser id="NC_function" displayName="NC 840dsl" commentExpr="(?m-s:;.*?$)">
    	<function mainExpr="(?m)^%_N_\K[A-Za-z_]\w*" />

    ad.2. There have to be at least two characters between the function header and the comment.
    e.g. a line-break and a space

    ;(c)2013 by Linsinger Maschinenbau Ges.m.b.H.

    or two line-breaks

    ;(c)2013 by Linsinger Maschinenbau Ges.m.b.H.

    or two spaces

    ;(c)2013 by Linsinger Maschinenbau Ges.m.b.H.

    or a colon and a line-break

    ;(c)2013 by Linsinger Maschinenbau Ges.m.b.H.


  • It is weird. Because it doesnt happen with other files even though the comment line is right below the function tag.
    Thanks for your time and help!

  • Had another look …
    ad.2. or make sure your line-breaks consist of a carriage-return and a line-feed (i.e. two characters).

    Your SPF_DIR - Kopie.arc uses line-feeds for line-breaks i.e. only one character between tag and comment.

  • Is it possible to add an exception into comments section?
    For example: everything is a comment except when $PATH comes right after ‘;’.

  • Yes that can work, in your case!
    Change commentExpr to "(?m-s:;(?!\$PATH).*?$)".