Autocomplete issues.

  • Hello.
    I’ve been for a long time on Npp 6.3.2 and got used to PHP functions autocomplete. Yesterday I’ve updated to 7 and noticed, that autocomplete does not work as it did earlier.
    6.3.2 behaviour:
    I type “file” or “file_get”, press ctrl+space and hints popup shows up.
    7 behaviour:
    I type “file”, press ctrl+space and hints popup shows up.
    I type “file_get”, press ctrl+space and no hints.

    I tried many variations and figured out, that problem is in “_” symbol.

    How to fix this?

    Thank you.

  • Hi, Alex s,

    Very easy to get it :-))

    • Open, in N++, the file ....\Plugins\APIs\php.xml

    • At beginning of this file, just under the <AutoComplete> tag, insert the line, below :

      <Environment ignoreCase=“no” startFunc="(" stopFunc=")" paramSeparator="," additionalWordChar = “_” />

    • Save the changes, done in php.xml, and close this file

    • Close, then, re-start Notepad++

    • Open a PHP file or a new tab and define the language PHP, for this new tab

    • Type, for instance, the word, file_ at beginning of a line

    • Hit the CTRL + Spacebar shortcut

    => A pop-up list should appear, located on the word file_exists, followed by the three functions, below :


    Et voilà !

    Best Regards,


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