Unusal behaviour in save-as-dialogue / path interpreted as filename

  • Hi,

    when saving a file with “save as” I often copy a path to a folder from Windows explorerer, paste it into the filename field and press enter.

    Lets say I paste:

    “C:\Users\Eins\Downloads” and press enter.

    The normal (all programs do so, seems to be the standard Windows behaviour) behaviour is:

    the files-save-dialogue goes into C:\Users\Eins\Downloads and shows the default/current filename to edit.

    Notepad++ behaviour:

    Save the file as “C:\Users\Eins\Downloads.txt” , so:

    1. wrong dierectory, C:\Users\Eins\ instead of C:\Users\Eins\Downloads
    2. wrong filename Downloads.txt instead of what I want to enter

    This strange behaviour exists since years in Notepad++ and makes it very hard to work with everytime this happens.

    Could this be fixed in the next time???

    I think I am not the only one being frustrated about this error.


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