Notepad++ 7.1: network drives not visible

  • Hi,
    Using Notepad++ 6.9.2 without an issue on Win 10
    I have network drives mounted (u:) and can open files and save with no issue.
    Upgraded to 7.1 (32bit) and can no longer open files on u:
    The File - Open does not show the network drives.

    Ive tried a few things.

    1. Run as adminstrator when installing npp.7.1.Installer.exe
    2. Run as adminstrtor when opening notepad++.exe
    3. try changing the compatibility to Win 7

    With some of these changes i the u: became visible and i could open a file.
    but it would not let me save the file.

    Ive since reinstalled 6.9.2 and all is good again.

    Any ideas?

  • Note to those with the same issue:

    Windows 10
    Npp 7.1
    Network mapped drives not visible, can’t open files on mapped drive. Opening files on network share works ok.

    After a reboot, everything works ok and mapped drives now show up. Not sure if its Npp or Win10.

  • @Derek-Wallace Had the same problem & found a fix here

    Basically add a new DWORD to your registry called HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/System/EnableLinkedConnection & give it a value of 1. Reboot & all should be good.

  • @Stickleback-Ne Thank you. Works like a charm… :-)

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