A lot of confusion on my head :)

  • I have five minutes ago the x64 version of notepad++ and reinstall the x86 on my Windows 10 x64 because, for the moment, whitout a working good Plugins manager and a lot of plugins it’s not compatible whit x64 version.

    At over of this the x86 working whitout a problems… but i have some of confusion on my head:

    1. About Plugins Manager… i have upgraded to testing 1.4.1 but there’s a 14.2 already released ??

    2. About Compare Plugins… in some parts of forum i see it’s a unofficial… i have search over google but the only version i can found it’s the How i can picks ?

    About of all other plugins… over internet i have found so many different sources links and so many different site whit so many different version… again so many confusion… how i can use for maintain upgrade all plugins ?

  • About ComparePlugin:

    The “unofficial” is actually not that unofficial but is rather a development version that is fully functional and is available in x86 and x64 variant. I’ll soon release it “officially” as version but before that there are a few more issues I’d like to fix.
    You can get the current development version from https://github.com/jsleroy/compare-plugin
    through the AppVeyor build https://ci.appveyor.com/project/jsleroy/compare-plugin/history
    The library DLLs for the corresponding variant (x86 or x64) can be found here https://github.com/jsleroy/compare-plugin/tree/master/libs.


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