Advanced Syntax Highlighting

  • This was asked about this in help earlier.
    I asked over at the scintilla side of things and they said it was beyond the scope of their project and refused to implement it and closed my ticket. Thus I would like to request a plugin as it has to be implemented in npp somehow. I want to be able to look at my code as I created it and take user defined types, classes, and variables and apply highlighting to them. this means that keywords or sets of keywords rather than characters would have to enclose the new string to be highlighted and then that string which has just been identified must be highlighted every time it occurs after that. I feel like it would be fine not to highlight them right when they are created if that makes it easier, but then you still have to go back and highlight the references above. I can write some c++ code to identify these strings given an array of strings to use as keyword identifiers, but I have no clue how graphics work or how to interface with npp. can someone please make a plugin for this? Details and examples are in the post linked above.

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