Notepad++ obsolete icon back

  • Hello! Every installation I choose the obsolete icon in installation, because the original one is monstrous and so terrible. But after last install I couldn’t find this option in installer. So how can I return back the old icon? And I don’t understand why author blacken this absolutely great editor like this? Are he think he know better what we like, or he think we are incapacitated to like something other? I’m tired about Google and FB politic so much, but there’s an Notepad++( Why, why? Notepad, why do you do this?

  • See this issue on GitHub.

  • Thanks. It’s recommended to use a resource editors there, but it’s a crunch. It’s strange to use it after any new installation and create a version of my own “new Notepad++ killar”. I don’t understand why author delete something which might be useful for users? I’m not afraid of changes, I update all my programs with pleasure and all of them are up to date, but if you know it’s so sad not to find in new versions an options, which I’m using for years and which is so useful for me, like it makes Google in their Chrome, etc.

    Yes, author can return it back, okay, but now it seems, that something might move away in new versions, code highlight will be, because author concider that it’s not so cool. Why not? But where’s a defence against it?

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