Heads up: New Plugin Manager admin address

  • Hi,

    Continuing improvements to the plugin manager system, the URL for the admin system has changed - the old address redirects to the new one, so this is just so you know it’s legit :)

    The new URL for managing your plugins within the plugin manager is https://npppm.bruderste.in

    And yay, it’s HTTPS now too :)

    Any issues, just shout. It might be a tiny bit slower saving changes, but other than that should be identical.

    Further improvements to come.


  • Just a quick note - there seems to be an issue with the new code leaking connections, and eventually it runs out and starts throwing errors. I’m investigating, but feel free to ping me (probably via twitter - @bruderstein) if you see errors and I’ll bounce it to clear the errors.

  • 1, tried to register, but not sure success or failed
    2, login always failed,
    3, no way to reset the password

    Did you test it before?

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