Fortran styling 6.9->7.1

  • Hi,

    I was using Notepad++ 6.9 to code some (fixed-form) Fortran. I just updated to 7.1.

    Now it seems the style isn’t applied correctly anymore. 6.9 used to not differenciate between fixed-form and free-form, and everything was fine. Now 7.1 somewhat does, as you can select either fixed form or free form Fortran in the Language menu (but in the Style Configurator menu, only one Fortran instance exists) .

    If I choose fixed-form Fortran (which it is) in the Language menu, the Fortran style is not applied (everything stays plain black).

    If I choose free-form, well then the Fortran style is indeed applied, but since I am using fixed-form code, the style is applied incorrectly (comment unrecognized, line continuation characters unrecognized, etc).

    Can you explain why the Fortran style isn’t applied to fixed-form Fortran ?

    Thanks for the help

  • Similar problem here, except I am indeed using the Default theme, so I’m not sure what is happening here.

    After some more investigation, the problem was in the stylers.xml file, which didn’t get updated. So the problem also happens if at nay point you changed anything that led to the creation of a stylers.xml file.

    I have cleared it, the two different Fortran versions now do appear in the Style Configurator menu, and everything works as expected.


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