Where's the plug-in manager on Np++ 7.1 x64 version?

  • I would like to start using the x64 version of np++, but don’t see that there is a plug-in manager for it. Am I missing something or are we just waiting because most of the plug-ins are only for x86? Also had an issue where the x64 v7.1 file associations was not sticking or adding some list of extensions that I did not select! Could not get it to work at all. Have reverted back to x86 version. :(

  • Quote from the Notepad++ website:

    Note that the most of plugins (including Plugin Manager) are not yet available in x64

  • To be able, you have to mark the checkbox “ALLOW PLUGINS TO BE LOADED FROM…” that appears at the last step of the installation from the begin.

    That solves the same problem I had few days ago.

  • @Juan-Carlos-Peguero-Manzueta

    The OP is talking about two problems with its Notepad++ 64-bit version installation:

    1. No plugin manager available;
    2. File associations not working properly.

    Which one is solved by your solution mark the checkbox “ALLOW PLUGINS TO BE LOADED FROM…”?

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