Upgraded to ver. 7.2, NppColorPicker plugin is gone.

  • Hello Notepad++ Community Forum;

    Question 1: Where is a safe place to download the Notepad++ ColorPicker plugin?

    Question 2: Is SourceForge dot net safe for downloads?

    I upgraded my Notepad++ from version 6.9.2 to version 7.2 today. My 6.9.2 version had the NppColorPicker plugin.

    I started the 7.2 version. The NppColorPicker is gone. I can’t remember where I got it (i.e. the NppColorPicker plugin). I am pretty sure I didn’t download it from SourceForge dot net.

    I heard from somewhere, I think it may have been from this forum, that SourceForge dot net is no longer a reliable website for downloads or that it has been compromised.

    Thank you in advance.

  • You can download it using Plugin Manager. The old Quick Color Picker is gone for unstability issues apparently but there’s a new called Quick Color Picker +, or also according to the plugin manager you can download ir directly from https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/nppqcp/nppqcp-2.0.zip

  • Frank;

    Thanks for the info.

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