python script: additional chars and smarthighlight

  • Hi,

    I’m using python script plugin and it works quite well for my basic usage.

    What I want to do, is to highlight word/string with the mouse double click and use smart highlighter to colorize all the same words/strings in text on the same tab.

    As I’m using additional chars and this script, smart highlighter doesn’t work for words with additional chars:

    def extendWordChar():
    additionalChars = ‘:._-’
    chars = editor.getWordChars()
    if additionalChars not in chars:
    editor.setWordChars(chars + additionalChars)

    def callback_READY(args):

    def callback_BUFFERACTIVATED(args):

    notepad.clearCallbacks([NOTIFICATION.BUFFERACTIVATED ])
    notepad.callback(callback_READY, [NOTIFICATION.READY ])

    thx in advance

  • @Gytis-Mikuciunas

    I find that if I execute the following code, then double-clicking anywhere in the comment line smart-highlights everything between the first ‘a’ and the final ‘e’…so it appears to work for me:

    new_word_chars = '-:.'
    for c in new_word_chars:
        if c not in editor.getWordChars(): editor.setWordChars(editor.getWordChars() + c)
    # abc-def-ghi.aaaa:eeeee

  • Hi Scott,

    Script that I’m using and your script highlights word/string.

    But notepad++'s feature “smart highlighter” highlights (green color by default) all the same words/strings in current tab. And it doesn’t work for words/strings with my additional chars.
    So I need to force it somehow via python script I guess.

  • hello @Gytis-Mikuciunas
    have you try the function “Search”/“mark all”/“using 1st style” (or other style) or through the contextual menu “style token”/“using 1st style” (could be map to a shortcut)
    It’s highlight whatever you want including your extended word chars

  • This is not a solution for me to use shortcuts etc.

    If it’s working by default why I need to do manual searching, marking.
    very handy when you double-click on some word or string and can see immediately if it repeats somewhere.

    I hope that Claudia Frank will look into my posts :) She always has good script related ideas and solutions :)

  • You can mention Claudi Franck directly so that he’ll get a notification

  • @Gytis-Mikuciunas

    Adding more copies of the pseudo-word from my little test script to the editor window and then getting the smart highlighter to invoke…turns bright green ALL copies of the same pseudo-word string.

    I seem to recall some problem/issue with setting the word characters with an earlier version of N++; I think it was @dail that pointed this out to me in a posting that I can’t find at the moment. I’m currently running N++ 7.1 x86 and this type of word-character change in combination with the Smart Highlighting works there.

  • @Gytis-Mikuciunas

    I found the posting I mentioned:

    @dail indicated there that the version must be > 6.8.3
    As that is quite old, I’ll presume that you are running something newer and that there is some other reason for your trouble…I just don’t know what it is.

  • Scott, you’re right.
    I have updated my noteped++ to the newest version and now it works as expected.

    thx a lot!!!

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