Displaying superscript words

  • Is there a way to display or paste from a copied words with superscript on top of them in notepad++, when copied those kind of words only show the main word on bottom of the superscript one. I tried searching in but seem can’t find any solution. Here’s an example link to a page with those superscript words [link text]http://www.alphapolis.co.jp/content/sentence/152781/(link url), thank you in advance for help.

  • lol … it is in japanese

    this is what copied from webpage:

    the superscript is just to the right of 鎧 symbol, so it does copy

    here it is moved to previous line

    . . . . . . . . . . . . イスラブ・レス・ラーグ
    (i could not get the superscript text to display in the right place, so i added dots for filler)

    the text size would be the same as the rest of the document though.

    your best bet may be to copy and edit the html file

    here is part of the html from that webpage

    <br />  しかし被害は出ているものの“<ruby>精錬武救の聖神鎧<rt>イスラブ・レス・ラーグ</rt></ruby>”を始めとする様々な【救世主】固有の【魔法】により、連合軍の兵士達はまるでアンデッドのようなタフネスを発揮していた。<br />

    here is an extract of the main text and the associated superscripted text


    the <ruby> tag encloses the text and its superscript

    i guess that you could insert a blank line and copy the superscript from the next line into the blank line

    i hope that this helps a little