updated 7.1, can't no more drag'n drop accross a different page with mouse

  • hello!

    I’ve just updated to np++ 7.1 with win7, it seems ok.

    But, I no longer can drag’n drop text/lines with mouse while scrolling pages: I mean now, how can I move a line from a page to another with the mouse?

    Before, once I selected the text, while pressing the left mouse button, I was able to scroll to another page with the mouse wheel (at the same time… this needed a little gymnastic! but it worked); but that was before…

    (an another new behaviour, but which is really great!, is that now I can scroll between all the different opened tags just with the mouse wheel: I hope it’s a new, long awaited, behaviour implemented in new version, not a bug related to my problem… in that case I won’t change anything!)

    Thank you!

  • Scrolling among the tags : isn’t it done by a plugin ?

  • sorry, I guess it’s “tabs” not “tags”

    but what I’m looking for is scrolling among the pages to drag’n drop with mouse only

    (sorry for my english! :-) )