Change or Modify Keyboard Shortcut, is it an option??

  • I have found all the default or set keyboard short cuts. I am wondering if there is a way to change or modify them to fit my needs. After a car crash some years back, I need to simplify them to adjust for the limited movements and control issues in my left hand. To try and apply Ctrl + Alt + Shift + “anything” is impossible for me. I would like to assign Alt + e to open in IE, then Alt + f to open in Fox, lastly Alt + c for Chrome. As it is they all require 4 clicks and the stretching is murder. Simplified my way I can just use my left thumb and left index finger tip and the movement is minimal. Even with using Alt to underscore the Run tab in the menu bar. You need to leave the keyboard and use the mouse to select an option and then click on it. I am slow enough and looking to make it as easy as possible. Thanks in advance…Peace…

  • @William-Rutkowski

    I assume you are looking for Menu->Run->Modify Shortcut …


  • Hello, William Rutkowski,

    Of course you can !

    • Open the Shortcut Mapper ( Settings > Shortcut Mapper… > Run Commands )

    • Double-click on any line, from 1 to 8

    • Choose a shortcut that you can easily realize, without any pain !

    • Click on the OK button and close the Shortcut Mapper

    Remark :

    • From the v7.0 version, Notepad++ has the ability to detect if a shortcut is, wrongly, used for several features.! So no risk for unpredictable results :-))

    Enjoy Notepad++ !

    Best Regards,


  • @Claudia-Frank Thank you for your reply… I feel a little (a lot) stupid right now, as I must have looked right at that 5 times. In my frustration and hast, I missed the tree that was right in the middle of the forest. Thanks again and …Peace…

  • @William-Rutkowski

    and I feel better because I see that I’m not the only one who can’t find the tree ;-)


  • Hat kind of the same Problem - the Keyboard-Settings are not comfortable.

    1. You can’t just remove a shortcut without scrolling to the top of the list and select “None”.
    2. The window or Tablecolumns can’t be resized and the Table is Bigger. You can’t click on the key-combination without hiding the left column:

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