No longer able to select / replace tabs, spaces, underscore

  • Since the recent update we can no longer select / replace tabs, spaces, underscore, new lines etc…

    Seems like search & replace works on letters and numbers only :(

    Any thoughts?

  • @Ian_W___

    I checked 7.2 and it is working for me.
    I assume we need more info what you are exactly doing.
    ?->DebugInfo might be helpful as well.


  • Search and replace.

    Also replacing say a carriage return (so two lines) to something else.

    All used to work fine, but not now.


  • @Ian_W___

    sorry, but that is not exactly the answer I expected.
    I thought of something like

    I search for : my text with \r\n
    I select the whole line using shift+down
    birng up dialog using ctrl+f
    make sure regex is selected (or any other) …

    And what about the debuginfo output?
    It might be that a plugin is the culprit.


  • Thanks.

    We are taking data for example

    1. <tab> <tab> data

    selecting that to change to

    1.<space> data

    And nothing happens as it no longer seems to recognise or select tabs.

    Same is if we do

    1. data

    2. data

    3. data

    and change to

    1. data<br />
    2. data <br />
    3. data<br />

    previously done by selecting the carriage return and blank line and replacing that.

    No plugins used - this is simply the native product.

    Can’t say until now, was even aware of plugins or where to find them :)

  • I must say that if I try (with N++ 7.1) making a selection out of a line-ending on a non-empty line plus the following empty line (thus I think I should have two line-endings in the selection), then I invoke the Find dialog window, my “Find what” box seems to contain…nothing…but wait, no…the caret in the Find-what box is continually/slowly changing colors!? I have never noticed this behavior before. If I then arrow right or left, the caret doesn’t move (seeming to indicate that the Find-what box does indeed contains exactly nothing) but the caret is now its usual black color.

    I presume that someone can tell me what is going on with this?

  • Hello, Ian,

    When you open your Replace dialog, I bet that your option Match whole word only is checked ! Isn’t it ?

    Just unckeck that option and everything should be fine, again :-))

    Of course, this option is only useful when you’re searching some word characters, surrounding by non-word characters, as Space, Tabulation, or EOL characters !

    When dealing with other characters than letters and digits, it rarely matches :-((

    Best Regards,


  • @Scott-Sumner

    Okay, so I’ll reply to myself since no one else has. However, if I like my own explanation, I can’t +1 it ! :(

    My experimentation has shown me that the “rolling-color-cursor” can represent either NO INPUT in the “Find what” box, or input that consists only of line-endings. I’m rather shocked because I’ve never noticed this behavior before. I thought someone could elaborate on its “deeper meaning” or history, if there is any. But I guess not…



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