Auto fishing script help needed please

  • I am trying to make a script for Trove to auto fish, but i need help figuring out how to get it to work properly. I can get it to press [F] to fish, wait 30 seconds press [F] to reel in, wait 3 seconds, press [F], wait 30 seconds, and repeat. I also have it open Glyph, but I can not figure out how to get it to work inside Trove itself. I have tried opening Trove.exe instead of Glyph but Trove crashes. Is there any way to have a script hook into a program taht is already running then have the script execute inside that application?

    This is my script, it is a vbscript because it is the only one I am currently messing around with. If it can not be done with vbscripts or there is an easier method with or without other script types, I would love to know.

    Set shellobj = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”) “”“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Trove\GlyphClient.exe”""
    shellobj.exec “”“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Trove\Games\Trove\Live\Trove.exe”""

    wscript.sleep 30000

    shellobj.sendkeys “F”
    wscript.sleep 30000
    Shellobj.sendkeys “F”
    wscript.sleep 3000
    Shellobj.sendkeys “F”

    If (BreakLoop = 1) Then
    BreakLoop = 1
    End If
    BreakLoop = 1

  • How is this Notepad++ related?

  • I wrote it in Notepad++

  • Sorry to say but IMO this is like asking your car dealer for help on fixing the bumps in the road on the way to your destination!

    I think you will have a higher chance of finding help in a forum/community related to Trove.

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