No pop-up window after document modifications.

  • Hello, my dear friends.
    I meet one problem today, that is, when I modified the contents in the *.f90 file and closed the Notepad++ window, there wasn’t a pop-up window ask me if I want to save the changes.
    I have check out there’s no a auto-saveup plugins in my software.So what’s up, and what should I do . I think it’s prone to error. Have you ever encountered the same issue?

  • Hey, I have found the answer. 中文版:“设置”–>“首选项”–>“备份”–“记住…”复选框处取消打勾;in English, “setting”–>“preference”–>“back up”–"remember…"cancel the tick in the check box. BTW, I am the 7.2 version. It may be some difference in other software version.

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