extending notepad with modules (where are do you save them)

  • I want to extend Notepad++ with a module/library so that it can be imported into any project. Where do I store the .py files so that they are accessible in my environment?

  • @Nolan-Jorger

    Do you talk about npp natively or about extending python script plugin?
    Npp can only be extended by plugins compiled as dll.
    Ok, this is not 100% correct but it is the official and save way.
    If you want to subclass npp with python you still need python script plugin.
    A script which does this has been posted here. If it is about
    python script plugin than just use create script and put the code in it.
    Note, you can also use local python installation instead of the python script
    delivered dll, as long as it is python 2.7.


  • I’ve already added Python Script as an add-on to my Notepad++ editor and have written a few scripts to automate some editing tasks. Now I want to add a module where I can declare, instantiate and use constants in my projects. I found a solution for this which is a simple module/class, but doesn’t specify where this should be stored so that all my Python Script projects can include/import this.

    Isn’t there a default folder where extensions/modules/classes should be stored?

    Any help on this subject will greatly appreciated.


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