Undo file associations

  • Hi so i recently set .bat to run with notepad++ (in the notepad++ settings/file associations) I want to undo this but i cant seem to get .bat to execute. I have undone the it in the file associations tab of notepad++ but it didn’t work. I have tried to uninstall notepad++ but it didn’t work. I dont have UserChoice under the .bat in regedit and i dont know what to do know. Thanks in advance.

  • this is a microsoft windows question

    please web search “ms windows bat file association”

  • I don’t know if you have figured this out by yourself yet, but it appears that Notepad ++ breaks several file associations (at least on my systems) that I have had to manually fix - .bat, .cmd, .ini, .inf, nfo. and .vbs. The easiest way to fix this is via the ASSOC command from the (Administrator) command prompt. The best way to check which associations need to be looked at is to run ‘assoc’ and copy-and-paste the results into (ironically) Notepad ++ and look at which ones are associated with NPP. You can get the syntax by typing ‘assoc /?’ at a prompt. The proper associations for the ones listed are:

    It also seems to grab .bash file extensions too, but unless you have the new Bash shell on Windows 10 installed this won’t matter.

    Hope this helps!

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