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    I am trying to use the hidden fields condition. Is it possible to have the condition show different hidden field values based on what value is picked? For example if the question is “did you receive an error?” if yes is chosen, it shows the steps to complete the error. If no is chosen, it shows the next steps in the overall process. Below is what I have that is not working. The only hidden field that will populate is if the answer is yes.

    <question required=“true”>
    <label>Did you recieve an error?</label>
    <tip>Choose One</tip>
    <choice label=“Yes” inputValue=“yes” />
    <choice label=“No” inputValue=“no” />
    <show condition=“equal” value=“Yes” id=“emailinfo” />
    <show condition=“equal” value=“yes” id=“emailinfo” />
    <show condition=“equal” value=“No” id=“next” />
    <show condition=“equal” value=“no” id=“next” />
    <question hidden=“true” id=“emailinfo”>
    <label>Email info </label>
    <question hidden=“true” id=“next”>
    <label> Next Steps </label>

  • @Kacee-Grubb

    Is this a question about Notepad++? That’s what this Community is about.

  • Yes I’m using Notepad++. I think I may have figured out the issue though.

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