Notepad++ crashed twice today Access violation code 5 at 0x011AD46F

  • v7.1 crashed twice today (Windoh10, old laptop)
    Both times, just after opening a new file, and clicking a bit.
    {note: I find it strange it will not allow me to save a blank file, add text later}

    An exception occured. Notepad++ cannot recover and must be shutdown,
    The exception details are as follows
    Code: 0x0000005
    Type: Access violation
    Exception address: 0x011AD46F

    data loss likely

    Notepad++ was able successfully to recover some unsaved docs
    or nothin to be saved was found
    You can find the results at %temp%\N++RECOV

    (well, actually it expands %temp% )

    …and that file contains a number of File0nn_utf8.dump
    which are not terribly useful for me

    Is this corrupted or a recent feature?

    (PS, this input form is very difficult to use, it vanishes off the bottom of page )

  • Please, provide debug info.
    Try to do a fresh install

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