saving files in notepad++

  • One of the nasty things about notepad is that saving a file does not
    create an ascii text file by default. You have to struggle to save, especially
    if you are saving a file - say, that is a text file without a txt extension.

    Also Windows hides extensions to avoid confusing you - of course, this is
    worse! So the question is if I run notepad++ on a text file named, and
    edit it, and then save it - I suppose by selecting save in a drop-down file menu,
    will it be a proper text file? And will my extension .do show throughout my

    I haven’t been able to find a notepad++ manual at your web-site.
    Where is it? Maybe you should have “manual” as one of your top-level options.

    Thanks, (hopefully, I’ll be notified of
    responses via email.)

  • Hi

    You can disable Windows hiding known extensions. In Windows 10, from a Windows Explorer window, go to View / Options / Change folder and search options. On the View tab, scroll down the Advanced Settings and deselect ‘Hide extensions for known file types’. On earlier Windows versions, I think the option is under Tools / Folder options.

  • @garyknott

    You can find a Notepad++ manual here:

    I (re)found this by googling “Notepad++ manual” – not so difficult. :-)