Notepad++ doesn't remember docked window position

  • Notepad++ doesn’t remember docked window position (Windows 7)

    I have used Metapad for years, and have just discovered Notepad++.
    Notepad++ is vastly superior, aside from a crucial difference in that Metapad remembers docked window position. So I have Metapad docked to right-hand side of screen at all times, which is remembered after closing and re-opening. This is very helpful when working with docked windows (which I always do), because theres a consistency. Chrome browser is another example, it always remembers the docked window position.

    Metapad was written in C++ and is open source (though no longer supported), here are the source files. I dont know anything of C++ language, but could this feature not be any easily transferred to Notepad++ ?

  • The docked position of Notepad++ in relation the Windows screen or any of the ‘dockable’ windows (e.g. Project panel) within Notepad++?

  • Sorry, in relation to the Windows screen.

  • I have solved my problem with DisplayFusion.

    A native fix would still be desirable.

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