[Plugin] Compare

  • The Compare plugin is great … but how do I stop it from always having two separate editing environments (two separate panels) open with different sets of files in each environment. I want to compare and, optionally, close the second comparison panel, and still retain all open files in a single environment (set of filename tabs).

    Again, apologies if this is possible and I’m not seeing how.

  • You should just be able to select “Clear Results” from the plugin menu, or use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+D

  • I have tried that. The “split screen” (two panels) and separate editing environments remain. I want to be able to set it back to a single panel with just one editing environment. Thanks.

  • It seems that your problem is that Compare splits the screen into two ‘views’ and does not remove them after ‘Compare’ is done. Select the unwanted tab on the right or just click in the editable area. Then go to View->Move/Clone current document->Move to other view. It should restore your original environment.

    Alternately close all tabs in the unwanted ‘view’.

    The dual ‘view’ mode is actually a Notepad++ feature and can be used for many general editing tasks.

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