Indentation problem, html & php

  • Hi friend

    I have problem with indentation in html and php,

    Example in notepad++

     <div class=col-md">
          <ul class=“list-group”>
             <li class=“list-group-item”>First item</li>
             <li class=“list-group-item”>Second item</li>
             <li class=“list-group-item”>Third item</li>

    In notepad indent is good, but if i open with another program like sublinetext, ultraedit, bracked indentation error like

     <div class=col-md">
    <ul class="list-group">
             <li class="list-group-item">First item</li>
        <li class="list-group-item">Second item</li>
      <li class="list-group-item">Third item</li>

    Not only for me, i submit theme to themeforest, also have warning with indentation.

    I like notepad not other editor.

    Have suggestion for auto indent work?

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