Text Formatting

  • Hi,

    I have created a C# application that creates a UTF-8 encoded text file (*.txt). It creates this file which when opened in Notepad displays correctly…however, when I open the file in Notepad++ the file has additional carriage returns and blank lines within it.

    Has anyone come accross this type of formatting discrepancy before, is there a specific encoding I should be using to ensure correct display within Notepad++ ?

    For reference, all development and checking is taking place on Windows (7 sp1).


  • I suggest for you to use:
    View --> Show Symbol --> Show End of Line
    Or even an hex editor if you have one available.

    My guess is that your C# app generates something like [CR][LF][LF] which Notepad interprets as a single end-of-line of type [CR][LF] but NP++ interpret as 2 end-of-lines of type [LF].

  • Thanks, I’ll give it a look.

  • @gstavi Yes that was spot on…my text manipulation was looking at \r [CR] when all it needed was to llok at \n [LF] first instead ! Thanks :)

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