Need help with configuring custom auto-complete (intellisense-like)

  • I’ve defined a new language “yyy” (works), made a script with AutoComplete entries (words+functions) and put it into plugins\APIs directory. Functions do not work.
    Then I’ve tried adding the description to userDefinedLang.xml and langs.xml, but still there is no function completion available.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • If your .xml file containing the words and functions is not sorted correctly (alphabetically, A-Z a-z), then auto-completion will silently fail. Also, auto-completion is not enabled by default, so be sure you have enabled it (Settings->Preferences->Auto-Completion).

  • OK, found it. It requires brackets to initiate “function”, while I was trying to make it bracketless. Without brackets function is a word, hence no “sense”.
    Otherwise xxx.xml inside plugins\APIs works fine.

    Is there any way to enter a space and/or tab within a keyword?

  • @Boris-Prokopenko The XML format allows you enter spaces or tabs. Experimentally, when I try to use keywords that include spaces or tabs, the results are not what I (nor you, I imagine) would expect.

  • That I have already figured out. That is the reason I asked about a special symbol, which would convert to a space but would not break the keywords parser

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