PHP styling keywords

  • Hello

    I want to highlight variables inside curly braces in PHP strings
    For example
    echo “My variable is {$myvar->myArray[$something]}”

    Currently I have the Obsidian theme, and something like this displays as the following image shows:

    You can see that the variable inside the strings is not coloured when embraced by curly braces. The variable that’s not embraced in curly braces is highlighted though, because it has an entry in the php style configurator: the STRING VARIABLE (as you can see in the next picture).
    Now, I know that there are a lot of different keywords in PHP language that are being used in the WORD style in php language in Notepad++. Just go to langs.xml, under the “php” language with the keywords name “instre1”. It is a huge list!!!
    These keywords are hilighted as green, as you can see the in the next picture, because this “instre1” is mapped to the style WORD, in the stylers.xml file.

    Now, I want to highlight the curly braces inside the strings, too.
    Is this possible? I believe it is achievable by these keywords, but I have no idea which one should I use.

    Thanks in advance

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