Can't read the filenames in the tabs.

  • I’m running the latest version on a laptop with a 3200x1800 screen and I’m having a lot of trouble seeing the file names in the tabs. Other than changing my screen resolution is there a way to specify a font size for the tabs?

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  • @George-B.-Gee

    what about Settings->Preferences->General and the tab bar settings? (Maybe uncheck reduce, if set)


  • I’m having the same problem with a high resolution screen and the Settings->General->Reduce is only nominally effective. Actually, checking Reduce makes the font larger (seems backwards). Would be nice if there were a way to get a larger font or at least have the bold option for the tabs.

  • @David-Wooten

    that is strange, at least under wine it is working.

    The only other thing which come in to my mind would be to set the display
    to 125% or even 150%.


  • From the code it seems that NP++ uses an old API that is no longer recommended by Microsoft for getting tabs fonts.
    GetStockObject with:
    There is also lots of logic for calculating rectangle size and some references for DPI that may have side effects.
    Extreme resolutions are definitely an issue for “classic GUI” apps.

    Do you get font that is much smaller than Menu font?
    What version of Windows?

    I doubt that you can override it without modifying NP++ source code.
    If you play around by customizing Window fonts you may be able to modify it, hopefully without destroying other things.

    Some developer with similar screen should enhance the code sometime.

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