Notepad for FreeFem

  • Hi. I downloaded Notepad++ to run my code in FreeFem++. I followed the instructions :

    1.Open Notepad++ and Enter F5
    2.In the new window enter the command launchff++ “$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)”
    3.Click on Save, and enter FreeFem++ in the box “Name”, now choose the short
    cut key to launch directly FreeFem++ (for example alt+shift+R)

    Now I type the command alt+shift+R, but the code does not run. Please help

  • @Adriana-Maria-Castro-Sanchez

    First, is launchff++ a commandline executable? If so,
    call it with the commandline interpreter like

    cmd /k launchff++ “$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)”
    (also consider using nppexec)

    If it is a win gui application, checkout if launchff++ can be executed to run the gui
    or if it is needed to put in the whole path.


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