[Plugin Update] GedcomLexer v0.3.0-r82

  • A new release of GedcomLexer (a lexer plugin for GEDCOM files, the standard file format used by genealogy applications to exchange data) is available.

    The new release has the following changes:

    • Fix a variety of bugs related to determining the LangID code displayed in the plugin’s About dialog (the LangID is needed by Notepad++'s Function List feature).
    • Fix a bug in the FunctionList parser for GEDCOM names, that prevented the names to be displayed for GEDCOM files exported from Ancestry.com family trees.
    • Convert the project to use Visual Studio 2015 for development.

    The new release (32-bit only, for now) can be downloaded here: GedcomLexer-0.3.0-r82.zip

    This plugin project is hosted by SourceForge: GEDCOM Lexer Plugin for Notepad++

    Questions & comments are welcome.

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