Lines in Notepad++

  • So I had big list of text.

    And I want to take only some parts of it.

    But they are too much.

    I Search them by “Find All Current Documment”

    Finding all things all need.

    But have text on which lines are and that makes me angry. Because I want to get red of it.

    PLS help me fast. :)

  • Hello, Jivko,

    Once, you get all your results in the Find result windows

    • Select all your results, in the Find Result panel

    • Right click, inside the Find Result panel

    • Choose the Copy option

    • Open a New tab

    • Paste all the lines of your original text, which match your search

    => The string “Line ##:”, at beginning of each line, should not be present !

    Best Regards,


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