Some Unicode characters disappear

  • I have encoding set to UTF-8. Most Unicode characters can be copied and pasted into the document. Once in a while I will paste a character and later if I put quotes around it it disappears and becomes a small box. Since it is part of a Javascript it works as though the characters is there and it appears within an HTML page when the script is run. It just does not appear on Notepad++ when editing. Here is an example. The “ℎ” shows up.
    Copy and paste into Notepad++ and then copy the ℎ and paste elsewhere and it might turn into a box. It comes and goes. One minute it appears and later it may turn into a box. Only the one letter in the example does it. There are some other letters that do the same thing.

  • @Dennis-M-Marks

    as you writing java script and creating web pages I would say you need
    to read this.


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