Function List option for different Keywords

  • In Notepad++ there is option “Function list” which show the list of function in our C program. Actually it is working with a concept of parsing “void … etc” for extracting a function but unfortunately in my code the function or sub function or API shall not start with “void” keyword instead it is starting with “FUNC” or “STATIC FUNC” keyword. Notepad function list option is not able to find this kind of function.

    I have searched in internet and found that XML code in functionlist.xml files of notepad installed is responsible for that functionality then i start to edit that regular expression but everything failed.

    Please provide the solution to fix the issue or let me know where to modify the code in functionlist.xml files.

  • @Gopi-Einstein

    with default function list configuration


  • Sorry For the unclear information. please find the exact function i am using in Notepad++

    FUNC (void, public) Init (config, value)
    /* code part */

    FUNC (void, public) is an Macro.

    But this above mentioned function format is not recognized. Kindly provide your feedback on this.

    Advance thanks.

  • @Gopi-Einstein

    depending on your installation the file which needs to be edited is either the one under %APPDATA%\notepad
    or the one in the installation directory. If your ?->Debug Info tells you
    Local Conf mode : OFF then it is the one under %APPDATA%, if it is
    Local Conf mode : ON then it is the one under the installation directory.
    Open the respective file and goto the c_function element.
    mainExpr and nameExpr are the regexes you need to modify to adapt it to your needs.


  • I have found out the location of mainExpr and nameExpr but i am totally confused with this regular expression more over i don’t have any experience with it. I don’t know exactly what to modify.

    If possible, Please provide what exactly i have to change here so that i can parse those function format.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Gopi-Einstein

    so what is the exact syntax a can have? (needed and optional parts?)


  • wwhat are you doing you don’t know about me

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