Allow to download and install plugin for a non admin user ?

  • I searched a bit everywhere and haven’t found a answer.

    What i tested.

    Provided modify access to all users into the notepad++ software folder, checked in process explorer and don’t see any another registry resources but the user still receive a admin prompt when installing a plugin.

  • @Gontran-Aberdeen

    hard to say without knowing your system setup.
    I would download procmon from sysinternals and trace what’s going on.


  • One thing that will surely work is to download Notepad++ zip instead of installer and extract it to somewhere which is not “Program Files”.
    I am quite sure that plugin manager will work. I am absolutely sure that manual plugin installation works.
    This is how I use Notepad++.

    I am quite sure that Notepad++ can use plugins from your UserAPP area. Isn’t there an option to select this during installation?

  • When installing Notepad++ (which needs admin access of course) you can tell it to load plugins from the user’s %APPDATA% directory. That way N++ can then be executed by a non-admin user and install plugins (normally through the plugin manager) and the plugins and their config files get stored in the user’s own writeable directory.

    Keep in mind this works for most plugins but not all since some need to have files in the same directory as notepad++.exe (e.g. PythonScript).

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