Unattended Installation (Auto Update Disabled)

  • Did this ever get address? https://notepad-plus-plus.org/community/topic/10356/unattended-installation-auto-update-disabled

    I cannot find any method to disable update during an unattended installation. I am currently renaming the ‘updater’ folder which disables auto update however this is starting to cause issue with the Plugin updates.

  • @Greg-Chapman

    what about disabling Settings->MISC->Enable Notepad++ auto-updater?
    Maybe I didn’t understood your question correctly.


  • I’ll watch this thread as I have the same issue.

    Disabling the AutoUpdate via GUI is not possible in enterprise environments /w software Distribution.

    Actually there’s a config.xml under %appdata%\Notepad++ but the config string contains not just the “noAutoUpdate” flag, but also several other informations which makes it rather difficult to just automatically replace the “no” by “yes”, unless you use a product which can deal with wildcards.

    <GUIConfig name=“noUpdate” intervalDays=“15” nextUpdateDate=“20170119”>yes</GUIConfig>

    I’d prefer to have instead of this single line something like this:

    <GUIConfig name=“noUpdate”>yes</GUIConfig>
    <GUIConfig name=“UpdateIntervalDays=”>15</GUIConfig>
    <GUIConfig name=“nextUpdateDate”>20170119</GUIConfig>

    This would help a lot!

  • We’re using the line
    <GUIConfig name=“noUpdate”>yes</GUIConfig>

    with no mention of “UpdateIntervalDays” or “nextUpdateDate” and it’s working fine…

  • @fralbert Yeah! Would never have tested that. Thanks 1k!

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